GAN 251 2x2 Magnetic (Air)

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GAN 251 2x2 Magnetic (Air) is a 2021 update that builds upon everything you loved in the previous GAN 251.

Version comparison

  Air Pro Leap
Adjustable magnets - Yes Yes
Magnetic core - Yes Yes
Auto-alignment - - Yes
Exterior finish Frosted Frosted UV Coated / Frosted
Weight 50g 58g 58g


...

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
bruh l.
Best 2x2 I have

When going back to other 2x2 and it’s slow, then you know it’s a good cube.

Pretty good

The cube has good turning and is pretty fast, but the catching on the cube is really bad and the magnets are really weak. So buy the pro probally.


Great cube

Ethan H.

If you want an INGREDIBLY light cube, get this. I actually got this cube off Amazon for only $18, but same cube. Magnets are super weak and don’t really do anything, so you might as well get non magnetic Gan 2x2, that is, if you specifically want a Gan. Other brands out there for 2x2 that are just as good. But, if you want a Gan, and you want magnets, and you want weak magnets, and you are ok with permanently weak magnets, then I guess this is for you? I’m giving it a four star since I got it $7 off but if I had gotten it for the full $25 I would give it three. 45 degree corner cutting, 30 degree reverse. Tension adjustment is a pain. I recommend taking the cube apart; adjusting the tension, then reassembling because prying the pieces apart just doesn’t work. Decent cube, wouldn’t necessarily recommend unless you want a Gan

Pablo M.
Great cube but too lose

Great cube, good corner cutting and very fast, but magnets are kind of weak. Way too loose and only 2 tension adjustments (even the tightest setting is too loose). Would recommend the 251 pro more, but for the price this is a great cube.

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