GAN 251 2x2 Magnetic (Leap UV Coated)

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GAN 251 2x2 Magnetic (Leap UV Coated) is a 2021 update that builds upon everything you loved in the previous GAN 251.

The leap version features adjustable magnet strength and adapts the corner/core magnet system from the GAN 11 M Pro along with "large-angle magnetic alignment" technology.

Version comparison

  Air Pro Leap
Adjustable magnets - Yes Yes
Magnetic core - Yes Yes
Auto-alignment - - Yes
Exterior finish Frosted Frosted UV Coated / Frosted
Weight 50g 58g 58g


Exterior finishes
  UV Frosted
Texture High gloss finish Smooth
Grip High Medium

Included with purchase

  • GAN cube bag ($2.95 value)
  • GES spring set (clear, green, purple)
  • Clamshell case
...

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Ashley C.
This cube Leapt into my heart <3

My very first cube was a 2x2 my husband put in a Christmas stocking for me. Neither of us knew anything about cubing at the time, it was a very basic Rubik's brand, but it got me hooked! I now have a much larger collection of cubes, and of much higher qualities, and yet it hadn't occurred to me to upgrade my 2x2. I'm so glad I finally did! It was a very big WOW moment trying it out for the first time. Making such a huge Leap in quality really puts it into perspective how valuable it is to have a cube that is crisp, slots into place nicely, turns smoothly with control and doesn't jam up. I am so, so, so much faster with it and enjoy it so much more now! The little hard case it comes with is also super satisfying to open. The top splits in half and both sides fold out. Ooo, so fancy, haha ^_^

Great! But...

Overall Great 2x2! Immediately my main but the auto alignment is barely there.
Very Good Though!

William R.
super good

super good

Nathaniel U.

I got this cube with high expectations, and was not disappointed. Within 24 hours of having this cube, I beat my record time by almost a second.
Would recommend.

My new Main

Bought the Gan 2x2 M Leap, love it as it is the only 2x2 on the market with a UV coating. The turning is great, even better than my old MGC elite 2x2. Would recommend for anyone wanting to buy a 2x2

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