Our Mission

To strive to make every customer feel like a VIP by providing a consistently superior experience before and after the sale. As our company grows, so does our excitement to share our passion and products with the world.

Our History

After losing $200 of his hard-earned savings, 14-year old Cameron Brown was tired of dealing with unreliable service from overseas puzzle retailers.

Cameron's dream became opening the first speedcubing and twisty puzzle shop in the USA with a mission to provide (and surpass) the kind of service that he expects as a customer.

In 2009, young Cameron's dream became a reality and SpeedCubeShop opened with a modest selection of products.

Present-day, SpeedCubeShop remains the industry's most trusted retailer, has opened a second warehouse in Canada, and continues to grow while staying true to Cameron's core values.

Meet the Owner

Cameron Brown, the founder and CEO, began speedcubing in elementary school after becoming inspired by the Will Smith movie, The Pursuit of Happyness.

In April of 2008, Cameron began competing in World Cube Association competitions and made a name for himself through his YouTube channel, camcuber, and speedcubing career. Present-day, Cameron is 29 years old and still loves speedcubing more than ever.

Cameron's other hobbies include racing his BMW M3 at the track, drifting his Nissan 350Z, art, and watching anime. Cameron's passion is running SpeedCubeShop which has been a full-time job for him since 2015.

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