YJ MGC 4x4 Magnetic (Speed-Micro Actuator)

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YJ MGC 4x4 Magnetic (Speed-Micro Actuator) offers the same great feel that has made the MGC 4x4 stand the test of time with a faster turning feel.

Speed-Micro Actuator
  • A small washer below the head of the screw equipped with bearings
  • The small bearings help increase turning speed
Accessories included
  • Screwdriver
  • Different strength springs
...

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Amazing cube.

Best 4x4 i've ever had in my opinion but, it was tight fresh out the box and the price is a little more than I would think.

Dominic D.
My Main 4x4

Great cube, good price.


A fairly cheap bit very fast and smooth 4x4.

Justin W.
Fast outer layers. A worthy upgrade to the MGC line

I was a little skeptical about whether the Speed-Micro Actuator version was worth it but after receiving the cube and doing a couple dozen solves I must say I'm impressed with the performance of this cube. It feels much like other MGC cubes but has a much smoother glide on the outside edges and it's slightly better on the inside. It seems to catch a little bit less than my other MGC cubes and I'd also say it's a little bit louder due to the bearings. The setup was great out of the box but I may let the tension off a bit to bring it a little more in line with my other MGC cubes.

The SMA mostly effects the outer layer which makes the 3x3 part of the solve feel a lot more like a speed cube. It does feel like it speeds up the second layer a tiny bit but not nearly as much as the outer layer. On the 4x4 it's nice since all layers are beside a SMA but I doubt this slight speed gain to the second layer would translate to the third or deeper layer on larger cubes. That being said I wouldn't hesitate to purchase the SMA 5x5 when it releases.

Though still difficult this is the first cube larger than a 3x3 I've been able to successfully hit a 270° M-slice when doing algs such as U-perm which helps bring it more in line with how I'd solve a normal 3x3, especially using algs that only require a M2 which I can consistently hit with relative ease. It's also the first cube I've been able to perform a single action 2R2 when doing parity although the 2R2 is still quite difficult for me to nail consistently. I tend to undershoot it by about 20-30°.

Rohan N.

I originally mailed the jperm mgc 4x4 but bought this and out of the box felt super fast!! It feels a little sandy out of the box so you might want to put some lube in it. I dropped my average from 1:40 to 1:20! (please don’t judge me)

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