GAN 356 ME 3x3 Magnetic (Standard)

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GAN 356 ME 3x3 Magnetic is a great compromise for performance, customization, and cost!

Key features
  • 3 spring compression settings
  • Factory magnetized for smoother, more controllable turning
  • Smooth, controllable turning
  • Great corner-cutting
Accessories included
  • Storage bag ($3 value)
  • Storage box
  • Adjustment tool


...

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great cube, bad marketing

As a cube enthusiast and a curious person, I'm always intrigued by poorly marketed items.
And since this cube is a GAN brand, yet not advertised that much, I was even more eager to learn more about it on internet. But there is barely any review anywhere !!?

I decided to give it a go, and it's an actually amazing 56mm 3x3 !
The matte finish and overall cut is masterclass polished, and though I hate noisy cubes, this one has a satisfying sound to it while speedsolving. The magnets are on the strong side I'd say, but it's highly efficient while not being too noticeable in the moves. Just perfectly balanced.

In the end, you have imo a flagship 3x3 that is widely ignored and unpopular, at a reasonnably low cost.
A hidden gem.


Its a really awesome cube and is Identical to the Gan 13 FX in looks. The Cube feels alot like a Stripdown of a Gan 13 (In my opinion) And i recommend it to cubers who average around 50 to 10Sec. I love the frosted Gan 12 style box (Included) and its only 2 Week shipping to Canada. Its really great and to put this into detail: It has 48 of what they call "Turbo magnets" In a Blue color and it has primary internals with frosted plastic. Really great Gan cube and i think it probably should be called "Gan 356 M Pro". Thats all and i definitely recommend if its possible then ill rate it 10 stars

el mejor cubo economico

este es el
pro el fachero xddd no pero es un gran cubo te lo recomiendo much cha xdd

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