GAN 356 i Carry S 3x3 Bluetooth Smart Cube

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GAN 356 i Carry S Bluetooth 3x3 is an updated, chargeless Bluetooth speed cube from GAN! The i Carry S features improved performance comparable to some flagship 3x3s and the concept of an interchangeable battery is very convenient for some!

The i Carry S does not include a gyroscope so the cube on the app will not match your movements when using the cube.

Version comparison
i Carry 2 i Carry S i Carry
Battery life ~ 700 hours ~ 330 hours ~ 280 hours
Battery type Button cell Button cell Button cell
Exterior finish UV Coated / Frosted Frosted Frosted
Dual-adjustment GES Pro+ Numerical Numerical
Magnet system Turbo Standard Standard
88g 81g 76g

Bluetooth functionality

Connect your GAN cube to your phone's Cube Station app via Bluetooth and enjoy many cool features! The Cube Station app will give statistics based on your solve times, training exercises, races with cubers worldwide, and more!

Download Cube Station for iOS (click) or Android (click)

Changing the battery

GAN advertises that the pre-installed battery is good for 330 hours of use (50 more than previous version) before it needs to be changed. Video tutorial (click here)

Accessories included
  • Storage box
  • Storage bag ($3 value)
  • Alternate strength tension nuts
  • CFOP algorithm sheet
...

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Really nice, coming from a xman tornado v3 and weilong wrm v9 as my main 3x3s I wasn’t sure I’d be sold on a smart cube but I really enjoy it despite it not being the best cube out there. It works well with the app and I find the breakdown on the app very helpful with cfop and targeting weak points. The cube isn’t the greatest itself and I have ran into my fair share of lockups likely due to my turning style but it has definitely sold me on smart cubes, I’ll be ordering a GAN 12 ui free play here in the near future

Great smart cube!

This cube is surprisingly good for a smart cube. Although it does not track the orientation on the cube station app, you still have access to all the other functions. The cube itself is fast and has good corner cutting. I wish GAN could make normal cubes like this. Highly recommend as a smart cube.

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