Z Twist Cube

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Talk about a plot twist! This 3x3 shape mod solves like your regular 3x3 but the insane shapes that this puzzle can transform into make it a lot more challenging!
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I love this

It's fun, looks neat, and turns decently. A nice challenge because it looks weird, too :)


Low quality

Good for the challenge

The cube makes a super fun challenge, but it clearly isn't meant for speed. It's a great display piece and an awesome way to boggle your friend's minds.

Charles M.A.

fun to solve ok turning and good value

Very Cool Novelty and Fun to Solve!

This is a very fun novelty that you should just add to cart if your missing that money to free shipping and even though it is kinda catchy (minus one star for catchyness) it is still very fun to solve and fun to show off to your friends! Since there is no solve guide in the box I'll just show you how I did it
Get white cross and make sure you line up the centers correctly (centers have 2 colors and middle layer edges have 1 color) Then insert F2L pairs as normal and if you see OLL Parity then just use an edge flipping algorithm to any edge and it should fix OLL Parity. Solve OLL and when you do PLL and you see twisted edges just do Z Perms over and over until it is solved (And if you end up with solved middles but a Z Perm, then just do 2 Ua Perms and then do 2 Z Perms with the twisted middle infront of you and you should be good)
Overall I think this cube is fun and you should get it!

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