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Keep your treasure safe! The YuXin Treasure Box is a fully-fuctional 3x3 puzzle but has a hollow center that can store small objects!

How to open: Solve the puzzle, press down on the white center piece, twist the white layer counter-clockwise

How to close: Pop the white center piece up, twist layer clock-wise until it locks in place

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Customer Reviews

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Ashley C.
Fun novelty

The other reviewers are right. It doesn't turn well. It pops apart easily. This is a fun novelty item, not a functioning cube.

That said, I still give it 5 stars because that's what I expected from its description and price point. It works to hold something small inside, it doesn't look like an obvious spot something would be hidden, especially in a room/house with other cubes, and it's a fun concept!

Akoy G.
weird to open

its very good, but kinda weird to open. I have a spider in mine rn. Idk if hes alive or not :3

luke M.
cool gimmick but not a great cube

its cool but not very functional as a normal cube one problem i have is you only have to solve the white side without the layer to open it but is a cool gimmick cube


This is more of a gimmick cube then one you can actually use. It is cool as a decoration or accessory for a cube lover, but it isn't really a funcional cube. The lock mechanism can be tricky and the corners pop easily. The inside storage container is obviously small, but it can easily hold some paper money or keys. It's a very cool novelty product.

Dan Y.
Kind of works but popped and fell apart

It is a cool idea, but it didn't last 10 minutes. I was able to open the cube with no issues. The middle white piece was stuck in the down (unlock) position. I tried to get the white piece to pop back up so I could lock it and spin the cube, but the whole thing popped apart.

Sorry to hear about that! If you contact us, we can help get you back on track or get a replacement out to you!

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