YuXin Little Magic V2 3x3 Magnetic

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YuXin Little Magic V2 3x3 Magnetic includes new features and design changes that are a huge win over the previous version.

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Nice cube with a little Setup.

I was not sure exactly what papery feel was until I unboxed this cube. The colors are a little muted compared to most other cubes I own, but still nice. My first thought with this cube, it’s a standard budget cube and over all a good value. The first week I did not really enjoy the feel, but after a little setup and lube, I find my self reaching for this cube off the shelf every day. Overall, very happy with this cube and a great addition to the collection. If you are new to cubing or are looking for a cube for someone getting into cubing, this is a great choice.


Out of the box it locks a lot overall not bad

no n.
a very good cube

RS3m is better, but the amount of agustment for this cube is great. It also works very well.

It’s ok

OOTB the cube is fast and unstable. I tighten the spring compression all the way up to 12 and it did slow down just a little bit, I tightened all the screws up about a quarter turn which did help a little bit. The corner magnets are pretty weak. I don’t know if anybody else noticed this but the core part of the cube has that brick texture pattern on it as well maybe that’s contributing it to be unstable as well. For now I’ll stick with my Gan cubes. OK

no n.
a very good cube

good for beginners, and good budget cube.

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