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You have probably heard of the legendary Little Magic 3x3... Introducing the YuXin Little Magic 2x2! This item has all of the best features of the 3x3 version which results in a smooth, controllable, and stable budget 2x2.

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Somewhat Good as a Starter Cube

For your first 2x2 speedcube, not bad but it wont be long before you need a new one. The look and feel is really nice and needs lube almost immediately after coming out of the box(or at least used to I don't know about now). If you don't lube it, You cannot tell a difference between the old Rubik's 2x2 and a YuXin 2x2 not lubed. Comes with a nice stand for display and I have tried many ways to open it and take pieces out and have had no success so take it as cheap, durable, thirsty for lube and good for starters.

2x2 Review

Out of the box, this is not going to be anyones main. The corner twists are easy and the corner cutting is bad. The cube does have glossy plastic, but it also comes with manufacturing marks. However, this cube has potential if you are willing to set it up and take care of it. If you lube it then it will have a drastic increase in corner cutting. WHAT lube you put in does not really matter much (but the lube you put in will affect the speed and feel), it is WHERE you put it. Be sure to put lube between the corners, but also between the internal edges and centers. Even though the cube does not come with a screwdriver (as most cubes do) you should tension it so that it can have less corner twisting while retaining a good amount of corner cutting. Some cubes are very specific with the lubes you use, but this cube will react positively to anything. Because of the fact that any lube will work well, you do not have to clean it out as often as you would other 2x2s. Do I think you should get this cube? The answer depends. If you are a beginner or intermediate solver who is on a budget, or if you aren't the best at setting up your cubes you should get this. If you are somebody who is more advanced at solving, or if you do not like setting things up, you should not get this, there are better cubes out there for you. Overall I love this cube, and I think you will to, but it does need setup to become that wonder.


The turning speed is very good, and the feel is decent, However the quality could be better. Overall it’s a good product considering its low price.


it would catch a lot but after a couple of solves felt smooth as butter

Noah C.
Thin & cheap

Plastic is so thin it feels like it’s bending during use. This combined with lack of magnets makes the cube very unsatisfying. Switched to a Qiyi MS and it’s worlds better for only a few dollars more.

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