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If you are on a budget, the YuXin Black Kirin Pyraminx is something to consider! As a refresh to YuXin's budget line, the Black Kirin shares some similar features to the popular Little Magic series. A key feature is the frosted stickerless plastic and the smooth, sandy turns.

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Customer Reviews

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its terrible

where do i begin.... first of all i don't know what happened but 2 caps where off the cube and put into 3 pieces out of the box, the box had huge dents and cuts on it. next the cube has vary cheap plastic when i say cheap i mean this cube feels like it was built with used plastic bottles. it has vary rough turning my hands hurt just trying to solve it. you can hear the springs they sound like car engines:/. i don't know what's going on but when you turn the corners their is it weird auto align feature that is terrible i literally cant turn the corners without clipping them... oh you might be asking what i mean by "clipping them" well i say that cause they have little dents in the inside of the cube to lock together like magnets but here is the thing that makes me mad. the clips only work if the cube is vary tight if the cube isn't it will just feel bumpy. i would never recommend this pyraminx to anybody due to all of these issues if i would recommend a pyraminx get the MoYu RS3 Pyraminx Magnetic (Maglev)

Sorry to hear that you are not enjoying this product. It is a budget release so there are going to be differences in quality over more expensive options. You are welcome to start a return within 90 days of delivery :)

Colby W.
Rough turns

This piece has a hard time turning.

Luis R.
Broke Quickly

This cube was very good, but it broke only 3 weeks after it arrived. Appart from that it was a good cube.

Cheap. Even for $5

Frankly, it's not a speed cube by any stretch of the imagination but it's a puzzle you can keep forever for the price of lunch so I can't be too disappointed. I don't think it's worth $5 though since a lot of money could've been saved during the manufacture such as the unnecessary grooves between the pieces. But if this puzzle was sold for like $3 then I'd be a little less harsh. Get this if you want to give a gift to your kid.


Very fast but controllable.Very nice price.Good for pyraminx begginers but not for speedcube.

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