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QiYi Fluffy 3x3

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The QiYi Fluffy 3x3 is a shape mod of a standard 3x3 featuring wavy cuts versus traditional straight cuts. The Fluffy 3x3 still functions identically to a traditional 3x3 and even has smooth turning and nice corner cutting!
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dumb name, good cube

stupidest name ever but actualy fun to solve

Zac A.
Fun Puzzle, Bad Speedcube

The Fluffy 3x3 by Qiyi is a fun puzzle… just not as fun when it comes to speedsolving.

I received the Qiyi Fluffy 3x3 in Black Plastic for Christmas and it is honestly pretty fun to solve... except one thing.

The corner-cutting!!!

Now the corner-cutting is most likely bad due to the weird shapes of the pieces (and it is to be expected with a shapemod) but it is true just the same. The corner-cutting is just… bad.

It isn’t just the corner-cutting. It seems any turn you do catches.

On the plus side, just about any pattern you do on this cube looks AMAZING 🤩. The Checkerboard, Cube In a Cube In a Cube, Superflip, and Snake patterns all look fantastic.

In conclusion, I would recommend this puzzle to any average puzzle solver who isn’t super serious about the sport but I think anyone could have fun with this. (Just don’t expect super good turning.)

(P.S. Same thing for any other QiYi Shapemod. Qiyi has really changed the Shapemod market with their recent additions.)

(P.P.S. This cube was ordered during the Black Friday sale for $2.97. If you can find any QiYi Shapemod cube for below 3 dollars I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone.)

Justin M.
Cool but bad

Really cool looking cube but it turns SO bad.

Fun cube

I mean there is nothing special about it, but I still love its shape and m moves are very slick. There is no corner cutting but it is really not that bad. Just fun the play around with.

looks cool

everything Ben said--The fluffy cube has literally not corner cutting of and kind. This cube is more of a novelty items . However, it does have a cool checker board patter. Thais is about it. It also binds a ton in the core.

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