MoYu WeiLong AI 3x3 Bluetooth Smart Cube

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MoYu WeiLong AI 3x3 Bluetooth Smart Cube is MoYu's first smart cube release! What immediately sets the WeiLong AI apart from other smart cubes is the cube itself.

The cube is essentially a WR M 2020 with a gyroscope which means that you will be able to speed cube without any limitations!

The free downloadable app contains many features that will help you not only improve your times but also have tons of fun!

Disclaimer: Make sure the bottom of the charging base is set to "C". Only use setting "D" if the cube is not charging normally. For more information, refer to the included documentation.

Included extras

  • Charging base
  • Charging cable
  • Center cap set (without charging holes)
  • Spring compression tool
...

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Really good cube, really good connectivity

Let me first start off with saying the app is pretty bad, I couldn't even get it to work on my phone. However that was never my primary intent. I always planned on using it with my laptop, and specifically

For that purpose, it's fantastic. It pairs up fairly quickly and then works while a dream while connected. The cube itself is smooth and effortless.

It's pricy, but I like it much better than my Gan iCarry.

This is amazing

I have a lot to say about this cube. When I first got this cube the charging port broke and we had to get a new charger, it took a realy long time to turn on and connect but when we got it to connect it was perfect. This was my first moyu 3x3 and I love it. It is so stable, fast, smooth ohh I could go on forever. There are a few problems though,
The whole charging thing is wildly comfusing, and the gyrascope is a big problom. It always disconnects orients in the middle of a solve. my biggest problem is the timing, I wish it was like cstimer. I average 22 seconds so I am a slightly experienced cuber, and I got a 13 witch was amazing, cause now if I get a good slove I can watch it. This cube is amazing and I highly recomend it. I hope my reveiw was helpful

Patrick G.
My new main

This cube is even better than I expected. The charging isn't as straightforward as you'd think, but there were no problems once I read the instructions. The app could be better but fortunately this cube works with cubeast (highly recommend).

This cube is great for both speed and control. Previously my main was the GAN 11 M Pro, which is obviously still a great cube, but the MoYu AI takes the cake for me because of the Bluetooth.

I love this cube!

I got this cube and it had some batterry issues. SpeedCubeShop initiated a return with no issues and I used the refund to buy another. The 2nd one I received has had no issues at all! It connects great, battery life is good, and I am very happy with it. This cube turns and feels amzing!

Kyle H.
Great Bluetooth cube

Cube is amazing! Performs like a high end cube. Battery life is good. No charging issues. No issues connecting or staying connected with Iphone. Great cube for the price let alone a bluetooth cube!

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