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Having trouble transporting your puzzles when you are on the go? Make travel simple and add a Mini 2x2 Keychain Cube to your keys or bag and make sure you are never without your cube! Despite this puzzle only being 36mm it is able to corner cut and has adjustable tensions.

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Customer Reviews

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Pretty good turning for something this small, however I was expecting it to come with a keychain and it didn’t? I thought it was like another keychain cube I have where it comes with a keychain to attach it onto my keys. Not a total dealbreaker just kind of strange to me.


Cool but hard to solve, comes with qr codes I can't scan tho.

Fun to use!

The cube is very small and it is very fun to use. Nothing wrong with it (just a bit hard to turn)

if u dont mind pls sub 2 my yt

Great for the price

While it's a tad big, this cube looks nice and turns well enough. It's not meant to be a small speedcube, it's meant to be a keychain. Even so, I can still get pretty good times on it just for fun (9-10 seconds, I average about 7).

Not good cube or keychain

This product doesn't function well as a keychain nor as a speed cube. It turns poorly and gets caught frequently. This would be forgivable as a $3 keychain, if it was a good keychain, but if you pull on the cube at all the corner pieces attached to the key chain could easily pop out of the corner slot of the cube. you could lose the whole cube without noticing if the keychain got caught on something as you were walking by. Consider it a novelty item to have on display, or try gluing the corner pieces into their slots if you have your heart set on a 2x2 keychain.

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