LanLan Diamond

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The LanLan Diamond is a fun puzzle with multiple sides. Just like many of LanLan's other puzzles, this one also has very smooth layer rotations that "click" into place letting you know when you have completed a turn.


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Customer Reviews

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Looks like a skewb

I wish there were more photos because I am completely convinced that is just a skewb.

One of my favorites

This is probably my favorite 3x3 shapemod. Its not too tricky to solve but does get parity. This is one of my go-to bored puzzles. I would highly recommend this to someone who wants to branch out from regular nxnxn cubic puzzles. If you can solve a 3x3 easily then you will have no problems with this one. Where this gets 4 stars instead of 5 is that I feel it could be a slightly better quality. Don't get me wrong there are no major flaws, I just feel it can be made better. Still I highly recommend this puzzle.

Wyatt R.
Fun for a while.

This is a really interesting shape mod of a 3x3. Unlike most shape mods, this does not shape shift. That is not a big deal, because it is still a very cool puzzle. Also, it has a strange parity that I did not expect. Buy it if you enjoy an intuitive solve, or just like cool looking shape mods.

Lyrik D.
Great shape mod

This is such a great shape mod. It's about as hard as a mastermorphix. The turning is pretty good for lan lan, it feels buttery smooth like on a shengshou cube. It obviously doesn't have any corner cutting which makes aligning pieces a little difficult.

Cool little puzzle

This a neat little puzzle. Looks like a skewb but has more sides and is definitely not a skewb. It looks great and turns well. My only complaint is that it's small - way smaller than it should be for a puzzle of this type. Other than that minor quibble, this is a good puzzle.

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