GAN Cube Display Stand (2 Versions)

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Show off your favorite speed cubes with the GAN Cube Display Stand! Unlike traditional cube stands, GAN's rendition puts a new "spin" on things!

2 Display Settings

Locked: Allows cube to spin on stand in 45-degree increments

Un-locked: Allows cube to spin freely on stand

3x3 Compatability

Standard version: Holds most 56mm 3x3 speed cubes. Guaranteed to fit GAN 3x3's.

Smart Cube version: Holds GAN Smart Cubes (356 i and i Carry)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great display option

The Gan cube stand is a great option for displaying your cube collection. Good quality and looks great.

Pretty cool

I got this stand and I thought it was extremely cool. It had 2 modes which made it seem like it was something from 2050. It is pretty expensive for what it does though, but remember, its from gan.

Elias m.

8 got this stand a while ago and it has served me well for that time. It Is bet satisfying to spin it, and just having it is kind of a flex because it is unnecessary but cool. You should get it.

Charles M.A.
a lot of features for a stand

good quality, lovely to look at with a cube

Cool, but odd stand

It's definitely a GAN product, just doing the most!

It holds both my Monster Go Ai and my GAN i Carry securely. A little too securely, in fact. It clicks into place with my smart cubes, and since taking the cube off the stand results in pulling the stand arm off along with it. The arm is just connected with a magnet, so you can just pop it back on, but it's annoying.

It has two modes changed by flipping a switch on the arm. One lets the cube spin freely and one clicks into place on each quarter turn, so you can orient the cube how you like and it will be held in place. It's probably best for cubes you don't use that often because it really hangs onto them.

The sticky base isn't adhesive. It's more like those dash mats that can hold your phone without sliding; it's just got a lot of friction on a smooth surface, so it doesn't move around. You can still pick up the stand and move it freely.

It does hold a regular cube, depending on the cube, without it snapping into the cube and then having to remove the arm from the cube when you pick it up.

Despite the quirks, I would probably buy another one, because the way it displays the cube is so unique. I would like to see them in black as well.

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