GAN 11 Pro Mini 3x3 Magnetic

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GAN 11 Pro Mini 3x3 Magnetic takes everything that you love about GAN's proven flagship and shrinks it to a compact, 53mm size!

The great thing about the GAN 11 M Pro Mini is that it is great for any cuber, beginner or advanced since the overall feel can be adjusted to your exact preferences as your times continue to decrease rather than purchasing new speedcubes.

Key features
  • 53mm size (56mm regular size)
  • Adjustable magnet strength
  • Dual-adjustment core for independent spring compression & tension
  • Corner/core magnet positioning system
  • Easy to customize
  • 4 tension settings
  • 6 spring compression settings
  • 3 magnet strength settings
  • Honeycomb piece design for smoother turning
  • Magnetic core
  • Frosted exterior finish
Accessories included
  • Storage bag ($3 value)
  • Premium case
  • Adjustment tools
  • Alternative strength magnets
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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Ethan L.
Great OH cube

My only cubing goal last year was to get a sub-10 OH single. I previously mained the CH MoYu Weilong WR M Maglev (10.79 PB, sub-20 ao1000), but found it too large and heavy. So I switched to the Mini M Pro and have in ~4 months (with no new algorithms or technique change) managed a sub-17 ao1000 and a 7.64 PB single. Below you'll find a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the Mini M Pro in terms of OH performance.

- Corner-core magnets provide additional stability necessary for my OH turning style (CFOP, no table-abuse)
- Lightweight, allowing for longer sessions and higher max TPS
- Small, allowing for easier and more reliable execution of fingertricks

- Occasionally, the center pieces will rotate to an unstable position (pictured below) mid-solve, necessitating a pause and thus a worse time
- Slightly more prone to pops than previous OH mains
- Expensive, yet won't actually make much of a difference in terms of OH performance until sub-30 ish

Its worth the money

Yes, its 37 dollars, but if you have small hands its more than worth it. And it turns itself. And its really fast.

Jacob R.
Very good cube

This cube is a great cube to get if your starting to take cubing seriously and your hands aren’t as big as average

Dominic B.

Also love magnet customization. Only complaint is lost GAN adjustment tool within 30 minutes lol but a **** driver and fingernails gets the job done


This cube is my first magnetic speed cube it is so smooth and everything about it is so easy and premium feeling. Though the price is hefty there is so many customization options that it is worth it.
I am a beginner and average 35 seconds but this cube would be great for advanced solvers possibly with small hands or not the size didn't really make a difference for me.

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