DianSheng Solar S 3x3 Magnetic

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DianSheng Solar S 3x3 Magnetic is a massive splash in the entry-level speed cube market!

  • Buttery smooth, fast turning
  • Stable design
  • Interchangeable center caps
Accessories included
  • Alternative center cap design
  • Screws and springs
  • Display stand
  • Screwdriver
...

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Its Acceptable

The turning is acceptable and extremely fast, and that's where my good comments about this 3x3 end,
personally I do not like the speed but when you tighten it down the corner cutting is horrible, I feel like the
overall feel of the puzzle feels clacky and a bit cheap, I think its not very good, it was supposed to be a upgrade from my meilong m but sadly it turned worse for double the price, I should have bought the rs3m

Great price for the performance!

This cube is amazing, especially for the price! The slice moves are the best part, so smooth. I can do H, Z and U perms faster than even my main. It reminds me of GAN and X-Man cubes. I definetely recommend this if you cannot afford some of the pricier cubes.

Dylan K.
Just like a Gan

The cube out of the box feels so good. I like it more than the Gan 13

almost like a Gan

at first I didn't expect a lot but, let me tell you how good this thing is ( with proper setup ) almost like a Gan but a little bit slower. how I set it up is with weight 2, weight 4, Martian, and Comet along with screws loose but not where it can pop easily along with in the edge pieces two extra magnets from the RS3 M Magnet Upgrade Kit. its an all around great budget cube i would rate it higher then the RS3 M 2020, and 2021 ( the ball core is probably better.)

Nebraskan S.
Great Cube

I bought this cube when I started speedcubing because it was cheap and magnetic. I didn't understand the difference between cubes at that time. I loved this cube because it was smooth and it performed well for my average of a minute. The only problem I had was that when you try to set it up, it doesn't keep any of the same performance, even if you bring it back to the same setting. I still like this cube, even though I have moved on to the Gan 11 M Pro.

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