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LanLan Void Cube
This puzzle is very fun to solve and has smooth rotation. Included: -1 LanLan Void Cube
LanLan 2x2 Dodecahedron
The 2x2 Dodecahedron by LanLan is a very well built puzzle. Out of the box the layer rotations are swishy and smooth.
LanLan Super Floppy
Looking for a gift or a fun cuboid? The Super Floppy is an intriguing puzzle that is fun for cubers and non-cubers who are looking to have fun. Included: -1 LanLan Super Floppy
LanLan Mastermorphix
A popular, compact, and smooth rotating puzzle. The mastermorphix comes equipped with durable vinyl stickers and has smooth layer rotations for easy controllability out of the box.
LanLan Skewb Diamond
The LanLan Skewb Diamond is a fun puzzle that is based off of a 3x3x3 cube. Layer rotations are very smooth and sticker shades are vivid.
LanLan 4x4 Octahedron
This octahedron is a smooth turning puzzle that is tons of fun for any 4x4 or puzzle enthusiast!
LanLan Rex Cube
LanLan Rex Cube will offer the user a fun challenge with it's unique design! This item is very stable and easy to use.
LanLan Pie 3x3x2
This variation of the 3x3x2 puzzle rotates very smoothly and quickly providing an enjoyable user experience.
LanLan 12-Axis Dodecahedron
The LanLan 12-Axis Dodecahedron is an eye-catching puzzle that provides a very fun challenge! The mechanism of this puzzle is very stable and allows for smooth rotations on every layer.
LanLan Master Skewb
The Master Skewb is a more advanced version of the original Skewb.
LanLan 6-Axis Curvy Rhombohedron
The LanLan 6-Axis Curvy Rhombohedron is a smooth turning shape mod based off of immensely popular Axis cube.
LanLan Diamond
The LanLan Diamond is a fun puzzle with multiple sides. Just like many of LanLan's other puzzles, this one also has very smooth layer rotations that "click" into place letting you know when you have completed a turn.  Add custom...
LanLan 4-Corners Plus
LanLan 4-Corners Plus is an intriguing puzzle that shape-shifts with minimal turns and has several different cuts that allow for bigger or smaller portions of the puzzle to be turned.
LanLan Rhombic Icosahedron (Scopperil)
Enjoy a challenge? Take on the Rhombic Icosaehedron (Scopperil)! This puzzle features smooth rotations and vibrant stickers for an enjoyable solving experience!
LanLan Curvy Hexagram
The LanLan Curvy Hexagram is a pyraminx shape mod that can turn in many different ways creating a crazy scramble!
LanLan Skewb Curvy Rhombohedron
This variation of the Skewb is not like the others. This item is pillowed and in the shape of a rhombohedron. Out of the box, this item is durable and rotates smoothly.
LanLan X-Skewb
LanLan X-Skewb is a shape mod that will put your skewb solving skills to the test!
LanLan Grid Skewb
LanLan Grid Skewb, originally called "Mental Block", is designed by Tony Fisher, a renowned puzzle designer. This puzzle can shapeshift and is a lot of fun!
Eitan & LanLan Edge Turning Octahedron
Eitan & LanLan Edge Turning Octahedron is a challenging shape-mod that jumbles and completely changes shape!
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