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GoCube Edge 3x3 Bluetooth Smart Cube
What once started as a kickstarter product has now come to life! The GoCube Edge 3x3 Bluetooth Smart Cube is the original bluetooth smart cube featuring a pillowed exterior and factory-installed magnets to assist with turning. The free mobile app...
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GoCube 2x2 Bluetooth Smart Cube
Experience a whole new way of cubing with the best 2x2 digital app-enabled cube, the GoCube 2x2 Bluetooth Smart Cube! Challenge yourself and your family/friends with this timeless puzzle cube. And don’t be fooled by its innocent look, it is...
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GoCube-X 3x3 Bluetooth Smart Cube
GoCube-X 3x3 Bluetooth Smart Cube is the PERFECT way to get into the world of cubing! Enjoy the smart GoCube-X - Challenge your mind and “WOW” your family with the new GoCube-X - Learn together how to solve the cube, and...
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