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GAN 356 3x3 Magnetic (Standard)
GAN 356 3x3 Magnetic (356M) is the perfect middle-ground between the top 3x3 models! While the magnet strength is not adjustable you will still find plenty of adjustment options through the dual-adjustment Numerical IPG core and alternate GES spring options....
GAN 11 Duo 3x3 Magnetic
GAN 11 Duo 3x3 Magnetic is perfect for anyone who didn't want to spend the money to get the immensely popular GAN 11 M Pro. The Duo is identical to the Pro in every way except that the Duo does...
GAN 356 i Carry 3x3 Bluetooth Smart Cube
GAN 356 i Carry Bluetooth 3x3 is a new, chargeless Bluetooth speed cube from GAN! The i Carry features improved performance that is comparable to the 2020 flagship, the GAN 11 M Pro and the concept of an interchangeable battery...
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