Z Carbon Fiber 5x5

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The Z Carbon Fiber 5x5 is an amazing looking puzzle with phenomenal performance. This item is very fast and has a "swishy" feeling that really flows well and feels great when speedsolving.

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Joshua T.
Cheap...and that's it

This is the first 5x5 I bought and honestly the only thing it has going for it is that its cheap. But even then there are cheaper cube that probably perform the same as this puzzle(you're paying a bit more just for the stickers). For 2022 standards this 5x5 performs awful, mainly because they're aren't any magnets. Magnets play a huge roll in bigger cubes for keeping all of the layers together while your speed solving and preventing lock ups. And nowadays I'd consider magnets a necessity for cubes 4x4 and up. Not just for speed solving, but as a quality of life improvement in general. Anyways its biggest flaw is the inconsistency when it comes to turning the puzzle. 75% of the time when you turn the puzzle other layers will want to turn with it causing frustrating lock ups while solving. if you really don't care about speed solving then maybe this will work for a first 5x5. But seriously it is so worth it to pay and extra 5-10$ for a much better 5x5 like the YJ MGC or the ZhiChuang Mini (which is very small for a 5x5 but so much better to solve and for only 5$ more).

Elvar A.
Fast shipping! Perfect cube!

Fast shipping! Perfect cube! Nothing left to say. :)

Emilien G.

The ZCube cubes are great. The little problem is the color: the 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 are red and the 5x5 is pink. But it's a very cool cube.

Gavin J.
Freakin SIck!

Bomb looking cube. Feels good too

More of a showpiece than one to solve

I bought this because I love solving 5x5 and have four others in my collection so far. While this isn't the worst cube I own, its not the best. One of my major problems is that I have a hard time during edge pairing because the large black stickers cover up most of the colors. I still recommend it if you are looking for a cool looking 5x5 to add to your collection

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