YJ MGC 6x6 Magnetic

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YJ MGC 6x6 Magnetic is easily the best value 6x6 available today!

Why we love it

- Fast, smooth turning

- Stable mechanism

- Improved turning accuracy through the help of strong, factory-installed, magnets

- Durable factory stickers (Black plastic model only)

...

Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Ashley C.
High quality low price!

I am very impressed by the quality of this 6x6, especially at this price point.

MGC has become my go to for gifting to friends or family who want to try out cubing. It's that perfect balance level of not over inve$ting in case someone ends up not liking it, but also being absolutely solid so that they are not held back from getting into it by frustration of cubes that jam up or slide poorly, etc. Also a great level that won't need to be immediately upgraded from if they end up liking it. An ideal choice!

The only con for me with my cube is that I went with the black version instead of stickerless and have major regrets. I thought the black outlines would help me keep count/track of the layers better, since it was my first cube of this size. Instead, I just find myself really annoyed tactilely by the feeling of the stickers, haha. Still 5 stars though, as this is just a personal preference and now I know better what to choose for myself in future :)

Lukas K.
One of the best 6x6s on the market

The MGC nxn lineup are all my mains. The 6x6 is very good and MGC is known for it. It’s a really good cube.


good but pops

YJ MGC is the right choice

The YJ MGC nxn lineup is my recommendation for competition big cubes and 2x2. I main the YJ MGC 2x2, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, and 7x7 in my WCA collection. Having the same feel for all my WCA puzzles makes it easy. Turning is very nice and these don't lock up like other brands I've owned. You should buy them all!

Donny V.

really good turning idk what else to say

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