GAN Pyraminx Magnetic (Enhanced UV Coated)

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GAN Pyraminx Magnetic (Enhanced UV Coated) is a ground-breaking release from GAN! GAN's of the pyraminx features an all-new core-edge magnetic positioning system which greatly improves the feel and performance!

You will find many of your favorite GAN technology in this puzzle such as GES springs and the honeycomb piece design. If you aren't familiar, the honeycomb design is special as it creates a smoother turning feel and helps to evenly distribute lubricant throughout the puzzle.

Exterior finishes
  UV Frosted
Texture High gloss finish Smooth
Grip High Medium



Version comparison

Standard Explorer


Magnetic system Core positioning Core positioning Upgraded core positioning
Performance feel Smooth + control Smooth + control Smooth + fast + stronger magnetic feel
Weight 64g 64g 66g
Included accessories -
Extra GES springs (yellow, blue, purple)

Extra GES springs (yellow, blue, purple)

...

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Andrea B.
Best pyraminx ever

I was so glad I received this pyramid because I was stuck with a slow cheap Qiyi pyraminx but this one was way better than my set up Qiyi right out of the box.

GAN wins the battle of magnetic pyraminxes

i have tried the gan pyraminx, the moyu pyraminx, the qiyi pyraminx, and x man pyraminx.
final results
1. Gan pyraminx (enhanced)
2. Gan pyraminx (standard)
3. x- man bell pyraminx v2
4. x-man bell pyraminx v1
5. moyu and qiyi tied for last place

very good pyraminx

I don't like pyraminx that much but the enhanced just feels so good and I suggest getting it.

Sean M.
Best Pyraminx ever Made

Magnets are perfect straight from the box, as well as the tensions. Tensions are easy to change if you wanted to change them. Maglev is definitely present.


Quality Pyraminx

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