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The legacy manufacturer, DaYan, is back with brand new speed cube, this time a 5x5 going by the new name "NeZha". It features primary internals, and comes with DaYan's signature grey cube bag, screwdriver and extra springs. The turning is quiet yet fast is available in a moderate and strong magnet option.
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eduardo c.
great cube, but it is fragile

I bought this cube and I was waiting for a high quality DaYan cube, and that's what I got. so when it arrived i saw that the box was cool and the packaging was not disappointing. When I unboxed the cube i thought the cube felt super smooth and extra quiet like the YuXin little magic 3m. Something I noticed like a lot of other reviews is that the cube was loose, fast and flexible. when i did a couple solves and went out to my porch for some fresh air I actually noticed that my blue center cap was gone. so i tried finding it but i could not find it so i left it there. at first i was bothered but then i was fine. later i dropped the cube and a whole bunch of pieces fell. i asked some help and my mom fixed and it still was able to turn fast.

i really like this cube but make sure that you hold it well. good job DaYan!

Jacob T.
Recommended Speed Cube from Cube N Solve

In my opinon, i think that this 5x5 has a good magnetic strength for others who are wanting a 5x5 . Not going to lie, the 5x5 has a smooth turning to it and it helps me reach my new PB's. Must recommend buying this 5x5.

A very strange cube.

I got this cube after I broke my Aochuang WRM as a replacement(its a long story). I always liked the Aochuang but I've always wished it was slightly less flexible. Especially when compared to the other Moyu WRM big cubes, (4x4 and 6x6) the 5x5 also felt pretty slow. I had heard that the Dayan Nezha was a bit like a fast and light version of the Valk 5 (aka more stable) and decided to give it a go. I got the cube today and I have to say that I am a little surprised; and I am not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing yet.

As with other Dayan Cubes, this one has a light airy feel. Out of the box, its dry as a bone and feels very sandy as a result. I had also heard that this cube was somewhat loose out of the box but in my experience its the opposite, being very tight. Most importantly, it has absolutely no reverse corner cutting. I can tell that this cube will break in nicely but I am not sure if the whole "can't reverse corner cut even a quarter of a piece thing" is a deal beaker for me. In a way this cube feels like the inverse of the gan 4x4; the inner layers feel great but the outer layers are a bit of a mess.

What mostly kills this cube for me is that I can feel the flashing on the plastic. As a flag ship cube, its just unacceptable to have this amount of flashing on the outside of the pieces. I plan to keep solving this cube for another day or two to see if it breaks in nicely but its likely that I will go back to the WRM.

Pretty freakin good!

A really solid cube. Its pretty fast, and turns very smooth, but can be a bit locky if you get turning pretty quick. The strong magnet version may have been the better option, but overall, pretty good. If you want a pretty good 5x5, this is not a bad option. The MGC might be a bit better from what I've heard, but overall. Not bad :)

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