What happened?

CANcube.ca was acquired by SpeedCubeShop to create SpeedCubeShop Canada -- located in Ontario! All CANcube staff were retained to help with Canadian operations and we are looking forward to providing you with superior pricing, selection, and shipping speed!

How can I order?

When visiting SpeedCubeShop.com, Canadian customers will be prompted to shop in CAD currency and product availability for each warehouse is available on our product pages.

Shipping options through Canada Post and other carriers will be available for selection during checkout -- No more dealing with importing through customs!

Split warehouse shipments

On rare occasion, an order may be split between our USA and Canada warehouse depending on product availability for each warehouse. If this happens, the shipping option available during checkout will be called "Shipping".


We are extremely excited to make history by being the first cubing store to expand into another country and provide Canadian cubers with an even better shopping experience! This entire process was TONS of work so we hope that you are as excited as we are! 🇨🇦

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