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MoYu RS3 M 2020 3x3 Magnetic
MoYu RS3 M 2020 3x3 Magnetic is arguably the best bang for your buck and is no surprise that it is our best-selling speed cube. Tip: Improve stability and magnetic feel with our easy-to-install Magnet Upgrade Kit ($1.49) and Magnetic Core Conversion...
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Martian Lubricant
Martian Lubricant is our best-selling lubricant and anyone who has tried it understands why. The fast, moderately controllable, soft feel ticks all the boxes for most speed cubers and is just simply great. Recommended for: All puzzles (especially big cubes)...
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Lunar Lubricant
Lunar Lubricant is our fastest silicone-based lubricant and is perfect for light, fast, and lasting turning feel. The "soft" feel that Lunar provides sets it apart from comparable water-based lubricants and makes it a fan favorite. Recommended for: All puzzles...
JPerm RS3 M 2020 3x3 Magnetic
Love JPerm? Now you can get a replica of his main speed cube, the MoYu RS3 M 2020 3x3 Magnetic, and support the JPerm YouTube Channel at the same time! Set up to JPerm's specifications, the core is lubed with Lunar...
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YJ MGC 2x2 Magnetic
YJ MGC 2x2 Magnetic is a smash hit and even rivals higher-end 2x2 speedcubes despite the low price point. Overview Dry, fast turning Flexible, stable mechanism Controllable Accessories included Springs Washers Magnets
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YJ MGC 4x4 Magnetic (Standard)
YJ MGC 4x4 Magnetic is the first 4x4 in the MGC line! If you are a fan of fast turning, the MGC 4x4 is definitely for you! The turning is incredibly smooth and the outer edge pieces are widened to...
YuXin Little Magic 3x3
YuXin Little Magic 3x3 has stood the test of time and is still the preferred choice of some beginners after its release in 2017. Overview Dry, loose feeling Flexible mechanism Note: The factory stickers are not up to our standards but...
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GAN 11 Pro 3x3 Magnetic (Frosted)
GAN 11 Pro 3x3 Magnetic (Frosted) is GAN cube's 2020 flagship model and has continued to be the choice of many speedcubers since its release. The great thing about the GAN 11 M Pro is that it is great for...
Classic Logo Sticker (4 Pack)
Support your favorite cubing store by rocking our classic logo sticker on your puzzles! These logos are made of a thin, yet durable clear vinyl that will chip rather than peeling.  Logos are cut in the shape of a circle...
Galaxy Lubricant
Galaxy Lubricant is great for achieving a quick, controllable, and smooth turning feel. Considered as a "one size fits all" solution, Galaxy is a great middle-ground for those who aren't sure where to start or like a balanced feel. Recommended...
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Stardust Lubricant
Stardust Lubricant is a unique water-based lubricant that is designed to take your cube to its limits without changing its natural “feel”! Most water-based lubricants suffer from drying out quickly and leaving a "chalky" mess all over your cube's internals...
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YJ MGC 5x5 Magnetic
YJ MGC 5x5 Magnetic is the continuation of the popular MGC series! In true MGC fashion, the MGC 5x5 performs so well, it is hard to believe that it is so inexpensive! Why we love it: - Fast, smooth turning...
MoYu RS3 M 2021 3x3 Magnetic (MagLev)
MoYu RS3 M 2021 3x3 Magnetic (MagLev) is an update of our best-selling 3x3 -- the RS3 M 2020. Tip: Improve stability and magnetic feel with our easy-to-install Magnet Upgrade Kit ($1.49) and Magnetic Core Conversion Kit ($9.95)! MagLev features Magnetic repulsion...
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YJ YuHu V2 Megaminx Magnetic
YJ YuHu V2 Megaminx Magnetic is the first megaminx in this price range to come equipped with magnets from the factory! The moderate-strength magnets add a nice weight to the puzzle which helps to improve the overall stability of the...
Nebula Lubricant
If you like buttery, controllable turning, Nebula Lubricant is for you. No need to worry about "gunking" up your cube when using Nebula -- just apply and enjoy! Recommended for: 2x2, 3x3, Pyraminx, Skewb, Square-1 Frequently asked questions Q: How...
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1x1 Speed Cube
Are you up for the challenge? Impress your friends and family and flex your speedcubing skills with the 1x1. In all seriousness, this gag gift is the perfect present for anyone cuber or non-cuber. The included keychain allows for you...
GAN 356 XS 3x3 Magnetic
GAN 356 XS 3x3 Magnetic is GAN cube's 2019 flagship model and offers a high level of customization. Key features Dual-adjustment core Adjustable magnet strength Plastic core Overview Easy to customize 4 tension settings 6 spring compression settings 3 magnet...
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QiYi MS 2x2 Magnetic
QiYi MS 2x2 Magnetic Speedcube is a part of the new budget "MS" series! The MS series really took us by surprise as the amount of performance that you are getting for the price is an INSANE value. The turning...
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SpeedStacks (G5 Pro) Timer
The SpeedStacks G5 Pro Timer is a fresh re-design of the immensely popular, SpeedStacks timer with tons of new features! New features: No more accidental timer resets! Both power and reset buttons must be held for a half-second before they...
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QiYi MS Pyraminx Magnetic
QiYi MS Pyraminx Magnetic is a part of the new budget "MS" series! The MS series really took us by surprise as the amount of performance that you are getting for the price is an INSANE value. The turning of...
RS3 M Magnet Upgrade Kit (Installs in minutes!)
While the MoFang JiaoShi RS3 M 2020 is undoubtedly on track to be one of the best selling speed cubes of all time, some speed cubers have observed that the magnet strength is a bit "light" for their preference.  Using...
Speed Lube (Weight 5)
Speed Lube is a popular lubricant option among speed cubers who are looking to achieve a longer-lasting and specific feel. Note: Not recommended for cubers inexperienced with puzzle maintenance and setup. Cosmic lube is far easier to apply and is...
GAN Mirror Magnetic (Standard)
GAN Mirror Magnetic puts a modern spin on a classic puzzle! Key features Factory magnetized with 48 magnets Excellent corner-cutting Adjustable tension settings Purple plastic paired with purple/blue metallic color-shifting stickers Overview Solves like a 3x3 but by shape, not...
YJ MGC 6x6 Magnetic
YJ MGC 6x6 Magnetic is easily the best value 6x6 available today! Why we love it - Fast, smooth turning - Stable mechanism - Improved turning accuracy through the help of strong, factory-installed, magnets - Durable factory stickers (Black plastic...

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