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YJ MGC 2x2 Magnetic
YJ MGC 2x2 Magnetic is a smash hit and even rivals higher-end 2x2 speedcubes despite the low price point. Overview Dry, fast turning Flexible, stable mechanism Controllable Accessories included Springs Washers Magnets
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YJ MGC 4x4 Magnetic (Standard)
YJ MGC 4x4 Magnetic is the first 4x4 in the MGC line! If you are a fan of fast turning, the MGC 4x4 is definitely for you! The turning is incredibly smooth and the outer edge pieces are widened to...
MoYu MeiLong V2 3x3 Magnetic (UV Coated)
MoYu MeiLong V2 3x3 Magnetic (UV Coated) is a lightweight upgrade to one of the most popular entry-level cubes ever. Version comparison   V1 V2 (Lite) V2 (Standard) V2 (UV Coated) Weight 69g 65g 65g 66g Exterior finish Frosted Frosted...
QiYi QiHeng S2 Megaminx (Magnetic)
QiYi QiHeng S2 Megaminx (Magnetic) is a great first megaminx for any cuber! Key features 120 Factory-installed magnets "Rounded arc" exterior piece design for improved grip Widened outer layers for improved grip Anti-stick piece design  
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